Kids Grey Classic Sheepskin Boots

Product details

Manufactured from sustainably sourced sheepskin, these kids boots are the perfect choice to keep your child’s feet warm and comfortable all year round. Pre-treated to be water and stain-resistant, our classic sheepskin boots also make cleaning easy.

They feature the real suede upper so that it fits snugly and the entire inside of the shoe is covered with high-quality sheepskin wool for extra comfort. These kids boots are lightweight, easy to clean and can be styled in a range of looks for versatility.

Sheepskin helps regulate your child’s body temperature, keeping warmth in during colder weather and letting heat out in warmer months, making it a great boot for every season. Sheepskin fibres are specially shaped to provide support without holding the foot too tight.

Sheepskin is also naturally resistant bacteria and dirt, making it easy to clean. Available in kids sizes 7-13 and youth sizes 1,2 and 3.

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