Wolf Tip Sheepskin Rug

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Are you looking for a slice of Winterfell in the comfort of your own home? This Wolf Tip Sheepskin Rug is an ideal addition to your living space or bedroom. Made from natural sheepskin, this cream-coloured rug is attractively finished with flecks of dark brown and black. The rug's rustic and homely aesthetic is perfect for turning your room into a cosy, intimate space, ideal as a bed throw of living room rug. The rug is sumptuous to feel, with soft wool fibres made from the highest quality materials.

This beautiful rug is not only an attractive aesthetic choice, but it also offers natural health benefits when used to support aching pressure points and regulate body temperature. The fibres are hypo-allergenic, creating a soft and soothing surface to help combat skin conditions like eczema and create a warm and cosy environment. When used on the bed as a throw, sheepskin can help create a better sleeping environment, promoting rest and regulating your bedroom\\\'s microclimate for comfort.


Single – W55cm x L90cm

Double – W55cm x L170cm

Quad – W110cm x L170cm

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